About Us

The Vision of Parklawn Assembly of God is to be a multi ethnic, Pentecostal community of faith that engages the world with the light, life and love of Jesus Christ.


The DNA of Parklawn Assembly of God

The PRISM Vision 

P – PRAYER - We have small groups of people meeting regularly for prayer, support and spiritual growth.
R- RECONCILIATION - We model the unconditional love of God, diversity and spirit of unity to a society divided by religion, race and class.
I – INVESTING - We invest training and time in people so that they develop as servant leaders.
S- STRONG FAMILIES - We strengthen the family and its members through our programs, services and outreaches.
M- MISSIONS - We evangelize the world with the truth and grace message of Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values:


Service   Humility   Innovation   No Limits    Excellence

Integrity   Truth


Key Scripture:

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." - (Matthew 5:16)

What you’ll find at Parklawn Assembly of God is:

Our community knows Parklawn for its genuine love, humility, simplicity, teachings and practical outreaches.  Once you walk through the doors, you will experience the light, life and love of Jesus Christ.  Get Plugged In Today!!!