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Life Groups

The latest schedule and details of LifeGroups can be found Life group brochure 2017 for web.pdf



Marriage Enrichment



Our mission is to help couples thrive in their marriage by providing educational tools to nourish and cherish each other in a healthy relationship. The ministry is dedicated to reflecting God's grace and truth by embracing those who are relationally broken by using the word of God.  Couples are equipped with the skills to strengthen and grow their marriages to the place of honor which God intended.  The marriage enrichment ministry is committed to walking along side couples at any stage of marriage to grow their relationship closer to each other and closer to God.  We encourage the formation of new friendships with other couples through marriage related Events.


To enable couples to practically apply biblical principles in their daily lives and to create an environment for stronger marriages and stronger relationships with other couples. Areas of focus include the following: 



2013 Projects/Goals:

Vision and Mission development

Add Recommended Reading- relationship resources page to Marriage Ministry church webpage

Events - A smaller number of events will be offered to continue relationship building through fellowship

Relationships Gala, Bowling, Tournament of Spades 

Spiritual – offering of couple based and all adult life groups under Christian Education that will be focused on godly communication and understanding between men and women, and issues faced by/skills needed by engaged and married couples

Rotational Life Groups:

His Needs/Her Needs Life Group, Marriage & Money (Dave Ramsey)

Online/hard copy newsletter (available through e-mail to database list, on webpage, and at Guest Services Desk/brochure racks in the Church Atrium

Development of Married Cell Groups – first group launches Fall of 2013; Cell Curriculum: TBD and will meet 2xs per month

MEM leading women’s devotional group


Parklawn’s Cell Ministry Vision

To create small home and church based groups dedicated to the evangelism of non-believers, discipleship of believers in our local church, and compassionate outreach to those in need.


 What is a Cell Group?

A small group of people who regularly meet in the homes of Parklawn Assembly of God members -- Cell Leaders. These groups provide environments and activities that share the gospel with non-believers, provide spiritual support and accountability to believers, offer opportunities to grow in Christ through small group prayer, sermon review, Bible study, and fellowship.


Prayer – continuously seek the Lord individually and corporately as a way to remain in personal relationship with God praying for ourselves and others- Colossians 4:2 

Evangelism – actively engaging in sharing the gospel through our personal witness, outreaches, and missions ministries- Matthew 5:16  

Discipleship - encourage the spiritual growth of believers in Jesus Christ through opportunities to develop and strengthen our relationship with God in the context of community - Matthew 28:18-20 

Service – to demonstrate our faith through ongoing acts of compassionate Christian ministry to others both within and outside of the local church– Matthew 9:37-38  

For more information on the Women’s and Men’s Cell Ministry and group meeting times please see the Cell Group brochures located in the church brochure racks, at the Guest Services Desk, or contact Paulette Willis at