Who We Are

Parklawn Abundant Life Ministry (PALM) is a lay counseling ministry that provides assistance for those in need of counseling for:

Counseling is made available to help with any problems you may be facing -- crisis, marriage, depression, burn-out, addictions, emotional or spiritual challenges, relationship struggles, fear, anger, hurt, grief, etc. Our counseling approach is based upon the truth of the Bible. Since God has fully provided His answers for the multifaceted issues of life in the Bible, it is our primary source of counsel. It is our goal, therefore, to skillfully and practically bring God’s answers to bear upon the difficulties you are facing.

Who We Serve

PALM offers counseling for individuals and couples. One does need to be a regular attendee or member of Parklawn Assembly of God to access assistance.

Contact Us

To schedule a free, confidential appointment with PALM, call or email us today!

P: 414.322.4785


PALM Lay Counselors are not professional, licensed, or paid counselors. PALM does not offer clinical diagnosis or psychotherapy.